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After Stena acquired Sessan they cancelled the order for the new ship, and the shipyard were forced to complete her on their own account. Temporarily named MS GV 909 and registered in Gothenburg, the ship was completed in December 1981 and subsequently laid up in Gothenburg. Stena Drilling US Inc. 12141 Wickchester Ln Ste 150. Houston TX 77079. Telephone +1 832-965-0861.

Stena sessan group

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Stena Line provides ferry services   Dan Sten Olsson (pictured), Managing Director and CEO of The Stena Group. active in recycling, trade and related finance; and Stena Sessan AB handling  2 Dec 2020 Other investors include the shipping company Stena Sessan, Amazon Jason Schretter, Partner and Head of EMEA at The Raine Group, said:  29 Apr 2008 (2) The Consolidated Group includes from 2004 the Bostads AB Drott We, together with Stena Sessan AB (''Sessan'') and Stena Metall AB  29 Sep 2020 the funding round, which was led by Ernström & Co and Stena Sessan, of Volvo Group and Zenseact, with more mobility players lined up. 25 Feb 2019 Group and Tequity bought out the company from the stock exchange. of the family's sale of its holding in shipping company Stena Sessan. 24 Oct 2010 The Stena Sphere consists of the three parent companies, wholly-owned by the Sten A Olsson family, Stena AB (publ), Stena Sessan AB and Stena Metall constitute one of Sweden's largest family-owned corporate groups.

Bolaget är dotterbolag till Stena Adactum, vars uppdrag är att finna nya verksamhetsområden till Stena. Captum Group bildades 2016 och dess huvudsakliga verksamhet är att erbjuda betalningslösningar till bolagen inom Stena Sfären.

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in Business Studies and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics. Previously chartered accountant at KPMG.

Stena sessan group

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+46 31 855 000 Portfolio companies Concordia Maritime Scandic Stena Sessan We are part of the Stena Group. The Stena Group is one of Sweden’s largest family-owned corporate groups. The sphere includes the three wholly-owned parent companies Stena AB, Stena Sessan AB and Stena Metall AB. Stena Sessan Drottninggatan 35, vån 5 111 51 Stockholm. Tel. +46 31 855 000

Stena sessan group

Vi är ett investmentbolag med en långsiktig strategi. Stena Sessan’s holding: 52.2% (capital), 72.7% (votes)
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Stena sessan group

STENA AB (publ.) Restricted Group Data as of December 31, 201 9 . Please note that this report only consists of Restricted Group Data.

Stena Sessan is an investment company with a long-term strategy.
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Previously chartered accountant at KPMG. Worked at the finance department and as Risk and Compliance Manager at Investor AB, and as CFO and admin partner at private equity-fund Scope. Chairman of the Board of SVCA (Swedish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association). Stena AB is one of the largest family-owned companies in Sweden and has global operations in five business areas: Ferry Operations, Offshore Drilling, Shipping, Property, Finance and New Business. Stena Sessan: Mylan: 2016 - 2019: Beijer Electronics Group: 2001 - 2019: Meda: 1998 - 2016: Vi är med och utvecklar starka bolag.