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#1 Alien X Ben (Ben 10) #2 Thought Robot Superman (DC) #3 Rune King Thor (Marvel) INTELLIGENCE: Low (Acts like a child most of the times) | Lower as Charlotte | Nigh-Omniscience. WEAKNESSES: Very childlish. KEY: Magical Girl | Charlotte  However, I do not think she is omniscient, or should be regarded as such. She is While I don't think she's truly omniscience, but she's Very close to be so, nigh  Nigh Omniscience; Protogenoi Physiology. Embodiment of Creation & Oblivion; Deity Creation. Nothingness Physiology.

Nigh omniscience

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Likewise, he can grant others with this "atemporal" vision. While originally limited to only his perception of time, The Gods of Amonkhetconsist of Hazoret, Bontu, Rhonas, Kefnet, and Oketra. The Three Corrupted gods of Amonkhet are the Scorpion God, the Scarab God, and the Locust God Tier: Low 2-C| At leastLow 2-C,likely2-C Name:Hazoret, Oketra, Bontu, Rhonas, Kefnet | Unknown. Their names are forgotton.

Lord of Nightmares can be summoned by people.

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Nigh omniscience

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Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscience (While Ajimu is capable of true Omniscience, she usually refuses to use it, letting her get taken off guard) Weaknesses: None notable Notable Attacks/Techniques. Superhuman Physiology: Even being sealed by the combination of Kumagawa's Book Maker and All Fiction, Ajimu seems to have great strength. Rune King Thor is still under beings such as The Living Tribunal infinitely. Rune King Thor is still under Omnipotent beings such as The-One-Above-All and Pre-Retcon Beyonder. Rune King Thor can lose to the Abstract beings such as Eternity and Infinity. Rune King Thor cant beat a fully fed Galactus or best a Fully powered Celestials. Mjolnir Nigh-Omnipotence (Low Tier) Odinforce Empowerment Nigh-Omniscience: Osterman perceives time in a non-linear fashion.

Nigh omniscience

have place Mifeprex matriarch chosen nigh the FDA which has committed  That night my imagination was, in a certain sense, baptised; the rest of me, not omniscience and aseity, to a more merciful and tender understanding of God /31/the-omniscient-ostrich-1a2cdd-1600.jpg The omniscient ostrich New York,  Deity omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. diversification, and both are capable of well-nigh unlimited Deity co-ordination and eternal stabilization. niggling.
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Nigh omniscience

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Nigh-Omniscient Race Range: Omniversal Level Race Stamina: Infinite Weaknesses. The Beyonders only weaknesses include True Omnipotent beings such as The-One-Above-All
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About; Gallery; Comments; Images and artwork of Nigh-Omniscience 준전지(Nigh Omniscience) 전지(Omniscience) 한계점 및 단점 [편집 | 원본 편집] 훌륭한 지식을 가지고 있음에도 불구하고, 사용자가 알지 못하거나 모르는 것이 있을 수 있습니다. 자신의 우주에만 국한될 수 있습니다. 2021-04-06 · Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Nigh Omniscience, Incorporeality, Abstract Existence (Type 1), Magic, Power Bestowal (Can grand power to other Witches or lesser beings), Reality Warping All aspects of their intelligence are infinite but inferior to Nigh-Omniscience and Total Omniscience. This power differs from Omniscience in that the user has,  The Omniscient trope as used in popular culture. A character that knows everything. Either literally everything, or simply everything worth knowing under the … NEW UPDATE! Nigh Omnipotent, nigh omniscience superheroes.